Семејното катче на Интер на трибините на „Џузепе Меаца“ се повеќе го освојува Милано

Inter is again on the top rung of Serie A, viewed from a football point of view, after a break of more than ten years. After winning the championship last season, the Nerazzurri are now rejoicing in a new trophy after the triumph over Juventus and the Italian Cup, remaining at the same time in the race with the angry city rival Milan and for a new conquest of Calcato.

But, definitely what sets the team from Milan apart from other clubs in Italy is the more intensive promotion of family values. The club that in recent years has promoted broad social responsibility and is definitely increasingly winning over neutral football fans from Milan and Italy with its policy of allocating special space and time for family fans.

The family tribune where many generations of Inter loyal fans can meet is a real hit of “Giuseppe Meazza”, literally in every match. So it was in the last league match against Empoli in which Inter celebrated with 4-2. Among the 70,000 black and blue fans, the ones who have more than serious activities in the special family corner of the biggest stadium in Milan stood out.

“We are proud of our Inter because it always provides a special place for the family as a club. It is clear that football should be a real party for all ages, and the perfect way for family fun for us is to visit every home game of Inter. “Of course we like the fact that the club focuses on the children because they are the fans of the future,” said the Mole family, whose three generations are one of Inter’s most loyal fans. .

Inter in two rounds until the end of the Italian championship is still in a point race for the championship title. For the family of Batista Mole, whose pride is the youngest granddaughter who follows in his footsteps with the intensity of love for the colors of the interior, the hope remains that in the end they will rejoice in a new championship title of their “nerazzurri”.

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